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Body Positivity Survey

The Women Empowerment Music Project

The Women Empowerment Music Project includes various songs with the aim of empowering women through music, lyrics, and visual art. Adi Yacobi has created this project for you, your sister, your mother, your best friend, your grandmother, and every woman you know. 


WE are all here for each other. The Women Empowerment Music project is about body positivity, self-acceptance, diversity, inclusion of people with disabilities, how to overcome an emotionally abusive relationship and more.


It’s a place where you can practice self-acceptance through music and where you can love yourself just the way you are. 

As part of the Women Empowerment Music Project and the songs she has released, Adi Yacobi created the Body Positivity Survey in order to give a voice to women around the world. In this survey, you can anonymously share your experiences about body image and daily self-acceptance struggles.

The answers to this survey will be anonymously used in order to promote self-acceptance, women empowerment, and diversity worldwide.

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